Expressing Myself Through Acting and Music

Acting and music are channels through which I most comfortably express my inner thoughts and emotions.

A life upon the road: Born in Santa Monica, at 6 weeks put on plane to Marin County and then to Hood River, Oregon near Portland, for outdoor education. Returned to Los Angeles for acting training at age 9. Admitted as a child into master classes for adults based on strong acting instincts and work-ethic. Love eating lunch with new buddies in the crew.

It’s all about the feeling: You know that feeling that arises in your heart when you find yourself so perfectly in your element? I strive for that feeling each and every day. I aim to master the skills of acting and music, and to use this knowledge to move audiences. Entertainment reaches its greatest potential when the experience lives on in the hearts and minds of audiences, weeks, months, and years after the performance.

Long-term goal: To act, to sing, and to jam with the best of them.

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