I See You

Music for the short film, Sangria Lift

Sangria Lift is an award-winning film from the partnership of Topp Scot Productions and Executive Producer Duane A. Sikes. At 15, I had the amazing opportunity to compose I See You with assistance from the famed Portland musician, Tony Smiley. The instrumental version of the song is played over the opening credits, and the vocal version is played over the ending credits.


A short film scored by Connor Muhl

Quitter is the story of a young man whose addiction is holding him back from achieving many of his goals, and the tough and often humorous path he takes to try to break his addiction. It’s an artistic film that was written with the hopes of inspiring others to make positive life changes. I wrote the original score for Quitter when I was 14. The film was a bronze winner at the Telly Awards.

The National Performing Arts Festival

A rendition of John Denver’s, Today

In 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Walt Disney world in Orlando, Florida to compete in the National Performing Arts Festival. I won the competition with my rendition of John Denver’s, Today.